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We move through each year like a series of particle collisions – energized by the new, reconnecting with the old. Sometimes we get bruised in the process. This are the obsessive moments, the ones that seem to negate time. Not only do these points construct a visage of my year, but also things to come.

“Sensitive” - Field Mice (1989)
Not sure how I missed this one before. The drone, the pop, the washes of guitar, the steadfast dwelling on a sentiment for a dreamy five minutes.

“I Didn’t See It Coming” - Belle & Sebastian (2010)
After dismissing this record initially, the hook found its way back to my ears. B&S will always have the most fantastic and smart melodies.

“Drain” - Whirr (2013)
The most satisfying combination of new shoegaze and slowcore I’ve run across in some time. I melt into this. Slow, heavy dreams.

“Snuff Box Theme” - Matt Berry (2012)
Part one of a reintroduction to the thematic. The underpinning of an idea through repetition and variation.

“400 Lux” - Lorde (2013)
Groove and nostalgia of hazy teenage memories. Drive me home.

“Four Teeth” - True Widow (2013)
Sludge and sway.

“Blurry Nights” - Hayden (2013)
It takes two. Emotionally tired and beautiful.

“Middle Sea” - Yuck (2013)
Such riff. Much mid-range. Plenty phase.

“46 Satires” - Besnard Lakes (2013)
Towering swirl of bliss. Tender rock for quaking knees.

“Laura Palmer’s Theme” - Angelo Badalamenti (1989)
A renewed interest in the cinematic atmosphere and the blending of the normal and surreal.

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