5/7 Melissa Koch

melissa koch

I wanted this to have a theme, but that seemed like too much trouble, so here are a few year-end favorites.

1. I love everything about the innovative self-titled Beyoncé visual album, especially the way she says surfboard in “Drunk in Love.”

2. Hopscotch 2013, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hang Out With My Friends.

3. Kacey Musgraves, Caitlin Rose, Ashley Monroe all released great country records in 2013.

4. This was the year I sucked it up and paid for Spotify. Being able to listen to anything ever at work made my job so much better: Neil Young, Disclosure, Raum, The Rolling Stones, & Joanna Gruesome all helped get me through the day.

5. I remain continually impressed by the way music is used in contemporary TV and film, especially by  The Americans (please watch this show so it will never be cancelled), Bobs Burgers, and American Hustle.

6. One Direction released “Story of My Life,” performed it on every reality singing competition and award show this fall, and non boyband fans like me took notice. Give it a chance.

7. There were so many fantastic records from female artists released this year that there is no excuse to have any sort of year end list that features all dudes.

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